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School of Motion

Motion Mondays:

Here's your weekly dose of MoGraph news, tools, tips, and nonsense. We hope this short e-mail makes Mondays slightly less... Monday.

Snag Your Spot: Registration is Almost Over!

Registration is going strong with just a few open spots left! Don't hang-out on the fence too long, make sure you register soon! When you're ready, select a class below and let the party begin! Reach out if you have any questions!

Cinema 4D Live at NAB

Are you going to be at NAB? Check out Cinema 4D Live! This All-Star lineup is going to be at the Maxon booth delivering sweet learns to your brain receivers (eyes and ears). If you're going to be tuning in you can also download a free trial of C4D and try to follow along with the presentation!

Check out this speaker list:

Beeple Ends His 11-year "Everydays" Streak

After 11 amazing years, Beeple has decided to quit making content every day. It's been a good run, thank you for what you've brought to the industry with your artwork. You can read more about it here

Marshmallows and Cozy Keyframes

Want to find your lost nature-tethered spirit in a way that speaks to your nerdy soul? Maybe Camp MoGraph is the place for you!

The Mill and their Mascot: A Tale of Unbelievable Power

We are all looking to refine our process, but this is just next-level. Check out this motion tracking software that is currently in development at The Mill!

Eddy Adams Mounting Tension

Eddy created an almost unreal landscape rendering created using Cinema4D and World Creator. The case study breaks down Eddy's creative process that's sure to bring inspiration!

Buck and IBM Philosophy

Buck knocked it out of the park on this project for IBM. The elements and movement of this piece are both sophisticated and elegantly simple. We encourage you to dig in and really think, 'Why does this video work?'

"Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” — Paul Rand.

Another Notch in your Belt

Notch just released a major update to their node application that looks super flexible for Motion Graphics, VR, and Live Events! Check out their site to try it out!

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