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School of Motion
Here's your weekly dose of MoGraph news, tools, tips, and nonsense. We hope this short e-mail makes Mondays slightly less Monday.

New class coming this week!

Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new class that will be announced this week. We’ve been busy behind the scenes crafting something truly special with an incredible instructor. If you’re an After Effects animator looking for some advanced training… gird ‘em.

Watch someone build a working CPU in Houdini

Houdini is one of those apps that is so powerful it’s hard to explain. This video, though, does a pretty good job of demonstrating just how deep the Houdini rabbit-hole goes. Watch as this artist builds a working 4-bit mechanical CPU inside of Houdini. - hat tip to Dan “the man” Schreiber

Toucan play at this game…

Matthew Jedrzejewski is a very clever (and generous) After Effects artist. Check out this brilliant Toucan rig he whipped up. And, if that’s not enough, you can actually download the rig as well! This is a great example of the power of Joysticks ’n Sliders. - hat tip to Plum-Diggity

Gunner are clever… maybe TOO clever.

Our friends at Gunner showed off a little motion test and making-of last week. The animation mixes a bunch of different techniques together to achieve a very unique result, and shows just how much work it takes to pull off high-end work. Check it!

Do animators need to go to art school?

Here’s another article that grapple with the question of art school’s relevance in the internet age. In the article, five animators talk about their experiences and opinions on the matter, and the result is a pretty balanced look at the current state of animation education. - hat tip to Paul “Marshmallow” Lalo

Marker Remap for AE updates

Marker Remap is a very clever tool from aescripts + aeplugins that lets you retime your animations using markers. It’s actually much cooler than it sounds, promise :) Check out the script here, and save 30% off if you grab it before October 21st! - hat tip to DJ K-Leb

In case you missed it…

Last week we dug deep into the data (unintentional alliteration FTW!) to find out if there are any trends related to getting a Vimeo Staff Pick for your work. Turns out… yes, there are. We also looked at a bunch of great cel animation tools for your tablet

Coming this week

This week we’ll be unveiling a brand-spankin’-new course aimed at the experienced After Effects animator. We’ll also be looking at the Cycles4D renderer for Cinema 4D, rounding up some great timeline shortcuts in After Effects, exploring the world of LLC’s… and Hayley Akins from Motion Hatch will be on our podcast!

Have any suggestions for Motion Mondays?

If you've seen any amazing work, know of any cool news, or think we should feature a particular tool or trick in Motion Mondays, hit us up on Twitter @schoolofmotion, or e-mail us at [email protected]. We're always on the lookout for cool MoGraph-related happenings. Thanks!

That's it for now... have an awesome week!


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